Crews Train to Save Lives

Niagara Falls, N.Y. (WKBW) – The training started with a fire on the second story of the vacant former Public Safety building in Niagara Falls. The victims were on trapped inside. Then, the Niagara Falls Fire Department came to the rescue.

“What we’re simulating is some bad guys start a fire and a chemical release in the building,” Fire Chief Thomas Colangelo said.

Niagara Falls High School students were part of this drill.

“We’re doing drill for fire department and we have to act out a whole scene,” student Taylor Fleming said.

The fire fighters put out the blaze, and then paramedics treated the patients, each one with a different aliment. To make the situation even more life like, some of the students posed as protesters who were out side the building right in the middle of the pseudo emergency. The three-hour drill went through every step of the emergency plan.

“These things happen very rarely so if we don’t drill we might not be ready,” Colangelo said.

Students said the drill not only helps the fire fighters save lives but also gets them ready to take actions.

“If everybody gets involved it makes places better and safer because we know what to do,” student Chris Smith said.

This is the second in a series of emergency crew drills, all taking place at the vacant former Public Safety building. The building is a tool that officials said is priceless.

“It’s handy to have a building of this size available,” Colangelo said.