Fire Calls 04-17-2016 to 05-07-2016

For the period of April 17 through May 7, the Niagara Falls Fire Department responded to 412 calls. The total number of service calls to date is 2,287.

MVA: A motor vehicle accident occurred late afternoon on Sunday, April 17 in front of Jimmy’s Bar on Niagara Street. Crews from Engine 8 and Truck 1 arrived with Battalion Chief Cliff Mayes to find a two-car accident with one of the vehicles into the building. While Captain Jeff Meacham and Engine 8 treated the patients, Captain Gary Carella and Truck 1 stabilized the vehicles. The Inspection Department was called to the scene to determine the extent of the damage to the building.

FIRE: The crew of Engine 7 responded to a commercial building fire on Niagara Falls Boulevard in the late afternoon on April 20. Captain Jeff Frazier, Firefighter Mark Mundy, and Firefighter John Mang were first on the scene to fight the fire. They were soon followed by the balance of the assignment on Platoon 4. After entering the building with the attack line Captain Frazier requested the roof be ventilated to improve suppression and disperser the heat and smoke. Truck 2 responded by laddering the building and cutting a ventilation hole in the roof above the fire. Soon the fire was extinguished and investigators were called to the scene to determine the cause and origin of the fire.

FIRE: Once again the fire companies of Platoon 4 were called out to a working structure fire. This time on the seven hundred block of Pierce Avenue. Captain John Castellani and his crew from Firehouse 3 were first on the scene and found a 2 ½ story, wood frame home with heavy smoke coming from the first and second floor windows. After relaying a scene size-up to the other responding crews, firefighters advanced attack lines into the rear of the building. They were soon followed by the rest of the assignment and continued to work to extinguish the fire. Suppression efforts soon became ineffective and the decision was made to change tactics and attack to fire from the exterior of the structure. The fire was eventually brought under control and later determined to be arson by Fire Investigators.

FIRE: The old Niagara Gazette building on the corner of Niagara and Third streets was the scene of a structure fire the afternoon of April 30. All downtown companies and two LaSalle companies responded to the scene to fight a fire started by a stray spark by welders. Firefighters were hindered by the building’s large footprint and the heavy smoke. However, in short time Platoon 1 delivered water to the seat of the fire and brought it under control.

ANIMAL RESCUE: Eighth Street was the scene of a kitten rescue by Truck 1 on May 2. Captain Mike Perri, firefighters Joe Kinney, Jerimiah Traver, and Mike Dorsey were alerted by fire dispatch that a kitten had somehow got herself stuck in a gutter downspout. After laddering the building and getting up on the roof, they managed to remove the kitten and return her to her owner unharmed.

REMINDER: Open burning of wood, yard clippings, leaves, or refuse is prohibited in the City of Niagara Falls. Fines can exceed $100 for violations.