Fire Calls 07-24-2016 to 08-13-2016

For the period of July 24, 2016 through August 13, 2016, the Niagara Falls Fire Department responded to 393 calls. The total number of service calls to date is 4,247.

FIRE:  Thursday, August 11 the South End was the scene of a house fire. Downtown crews were called out just after 11pm to a report of smoke coming out of a vacant home. When Engine 4 arrived they found heavy fire pushing out of the rear of the building. After grabbing a hoseline they entered the home through a side door and proceeding to the fire room. Truck 1, Engine 8 and Engine 3 backed up the first-in engine by connecting to the water supply and advancing additional hoselines.
The fire was extinguished in short order and Fire Investigators were called to the scene to determine the fire’s cause and origin.

FIRE:  Unattended cooking was the cause of a house fire on LaSalle Avenue late in the morning of July 25. The occupant stated he had just placed a pot on the stovetop to make something to eat when a friend stopped by to visit. After talking for a while the occupant noticed the smoke and remembered about the stove.
The downtown crews of Platoon 3 were called out to fight the fire. Engine 4, Engine 3, Truck 1, and Engine 8 arrived to find heavy smoke and fire pushing from the 2nd floor windows. Firefighters rushed up the stairs with hoselines and soon extinguished the fire. The building was condemned and the Red Cross was called to assist the occupants.

FIRE:  Smoke in the air on 19th Street caught the neighbor’s attention just before 7am on August 26. Four engines and a truck were called out by Central Alarm to fight a 2nd story apartment building fire. Despite several challenges during the course of suppression Niagara Falls Firefighters succeeded in knocking down the blaze in 30 minutes. A family of four was displaced and the American Red Cross came to the scene to provide assistance for them.

GORGE FIRE:  Hikers in the Niagara Gorge set a campfire below the old Schoellkopf pumping station. While never a good idea, starting a campfire down in the gorge during drought-like conditions created a particularly hazardous situation. Fire crews from both Firehouse 4 and Firehouse 3 were called down to extinguish. After descending one hundred feet down the path firefighters were able to obtain a good angle to direct their hose stream and dowse the fire.

REMINDER:  Open burning of wood, yard clippings, leaves, or refuse is prohibited in the City of Niagara Falls. Fines can exceed $100 for violations.